Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vita Magus

Yet again, another dose of your daily pixel.

Except this time, I don't have a picture to show you.  But I DO have a website to link you to.  It's not just any website, it's another blog.  Why another blog?  Because it is the official blog for a short animation:
Vita Magus (pronounce it however you want) is a short animation made in 2013 by 13 students at SCAD Atlanta, as a collaborative project.  This was an official class, but a voluntary one we were all interested in.  I can say I learned a lot about myself, and things I still need to work on.  It was a very challenging quarter for me, but I managed to get through with good grades and a completed film so everything turned out great!

With only 13 people on the project, we all had to wear many hats.  We had 2 directors, an art director, a technical director, a production manager, a lighting director, and several leads.  All of us worked in multiple roles, some of us in multiple leadership positions.  I would like to thank Karen and Andy who were our directors and did a great job, Leo who got us through a lot of sticky situations, Jeff who kept us all organized and on time, our professor, Becky, for helping us realize our potential and allowing us the chance to make this film on our own, and to everyone in the crew!  Without everyone's individual work, we never would have finished on time.  Great job everyone!

Vita Magus is a story about an aging street magician who looses sight of what's important in life.  It takes a little girl to remind her of the little things that matter.  We all loved working on this film, I just wish I could have dedicated more time to it, but 3 studio classes tend to eat up what little time I have.

So please make sure you visit the official blog and learn a little more about the film.  Right now the film is not available for public viewing, but I will be sure to announce when it is and link to it.

One more thing, I now have an official Facebook page for Pixel of the Day, which you can get to by visiting

Till next time, Keep Animated!

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