Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brenizer Method

Day 3 and I barely make it in time!  (4 minutes to spare :P)

So today I want to share a picture I took.  Yes, photography!  I do photography on the side in my spare time, as a hobby, but one which I am intimately familiar with.  Not only was my grandfather a, award-winning photographer, and my dad was a hobbyist, but I worked at National Geographic for several years as an imaging specialist editing and archiving and restoring images.  I have worked with many famous photographers (such as Jodi Cobb), and done work on many famous images, and for many clients (famous and yet-to-be-famous alike).  So I have "some" experience with photographs (mainly digital photo-editing), but not so much with making them myself.  I did get a nice DSLR (Nikon D3000) to play with and learn more, and have been actively learning photography, partly to learn more about light and composition, and partly because I think it is cool, and partly cause it can make money on the side.  I love taking pictures, and plan to continue to pursue this hobby in my spare time.

So for now, I have an image I would like to share of my neighbor's cat, Chester.  This image is actually a "photomerge" (a type of collage) of 28 images, designed to capture a specific look with the Depth of Field using a technique called the Brenizer Method.  So for now, enjoy this image of Chester giving me a weird look.

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