Sunday, October 5, 2014

Generate 24 challenge

Since I only just got my computer working again, I haven't had the time to really continue my project.  However, I have managed to install Maya 2015, so I am going to be moving over there to try some of the new features out (like the improved UV mapping), and hope the new Renderman comes out soon.  If not, I will play with another renderer this time.
In the meantime, however, I was lucky enough to get into the SCAD Generate 24 hour challenge.  While I am an alumni, and this is usually for students, they do allow Alumni to participate, so I joined the VFX (VSFX) team this year for a challenge to create 2 scenes, totaling 10 seconds in length, with a live-action element and using Houdini in some way.  I figured this would be great for me to get back into Houdini.  I was considering the animation challenge since I love the concept and the fact that Floyd County was there to judge.  I wanted to do both, but since Floyd does mostly 2D work, I figured I'd do the 3D thing, which was judged by reps from The Mill, and Eric Schmidt of Pixar.
Long story short, we made a short about a paper boat floating in water.  I did the Photography and the Lighting.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking up

Good news in many ways today.  No I don't have a job yet (still working on that), but I did manage to get my computer working AND got my film, Lost Light, accepted into the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.  I am really excited, since they said only about 10% of the films submitted were accepted.  My good friend Raymond McCoy-Sanders also got his film in the festival (we worked on each other's films).  So that's 2 SCAD students.  Last week, I represented my other good friend Michelle Ionescu in presenting her film, The Leaping Place, which I was the technical director on.  It's a great film I am very proud of.  So while I am working on a new film, and working on updating my current film (updates won't happen till after the festival, sorry), and working on smaller projects designed to help me build my portfolio and learn some new techniques and tools, as well as looking for work, I am also glad to see the work I've done getting recognized!  :)
Now that I am in this festival, it could be a gateway to more festivals and presentations.  I am also really glad my computer is fixed, all I have to go is ship my old hard drive off.  With that done, I will be able to continue my Starbucks project.  I'm currently trying to learn how to get started with MARI, so give me a little time.  Learning new software isn't always that easy without a guide.