Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to Pixel of the Day!

Hello world, and welcome to my blog!

Pixel of the Day is my newest blog, dedicated to showcasing my work and my exploration of the world of 3D animation and Technical Direction.  In short a pixel is a single block of colored light that is combined together to constitute an image, and on this blog a Pixel will be a piece of art, a thought or observation, or something I learned, which will constitute my body of work.  This blog will be used to share my work, my art, and my life as an animator and digital artist.  Sometimes the artwork will be new, sometimes it will be old.  Some posts will be long, other times it will be a sentence or two.  However it is my goal to upload at least something every day (with few exceptions).
So I welcome you to my journey in digital art.

Perhaps you'd like to know more about me.  My name is David Hixon, and I am currently a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where I am majoring with an MFA in Animation and a minor in Technical Direction.  I am also the owner of Weakly Animated, a blog that was dedicated to strengthening my skills in animation.  It has now served its purpose, and will either be closed down or re-purposed.

So for today I will start with a single element of a greater image I have been working on.  This is a coke bottle I modeled and textured.  To be precise, I used an image reference of a coke bottle and used a NURBs curve to model the bottle, created a label geometry to fit it, took an existing Coca-Cola logo and adjusted it to better match the classic coke label, added noise to the label highlight to create the "feel" of the texture of the label, created a glass texture using a Fresnel Effect, and fine tuned the transparency, reflection, refraction  diffuse, and color.  The grid in the back is just to help see the refraction and reflection.

So for those that don't understand everything I said, I took a lot of care in making the bottle look like real glass.  If anyone has any advice, feedback, or comments, I welcome your input.  Enjoy and Welcome!

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