Thursday, July 25, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013, Day 6 Morning

I didn't get up a post yesterday, but a lot happened. I got to talk with some recruiters at Disney who told me what work they'd like me to develop over the next year in order to get into the company's apprenticeship program.  I also got to explore more talks, including one for EPIC which I enjoyed. I also worked a shift and explored the exhibition hall.  Not to mention seeing a flying moon in the main lobby.  At the end I the day, the student volunteers got to see a demonstration of SIXENSE technology and had a fun party.  And of course there were tons of private party events we kept hearing about... I've fitting get an invite to one of these sometime!
And now today is the LAST DAY of SIGGRAPH 2013.  This is my only chance to get swag from the Pixar booth (sadly I don't have the time to get a teapot), and then pick up some books and maybe a shirt or DVD before I'm back on shift and then tearing down.  Keep an eye out for more twitter posts (found on the side of this page if you aren't using the mobile site).

Next year in Vancouver!

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