Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 4, SIGGRAPH 2013, Night

Another day comes to a close.  Today was the first day the exhibition hall at SIGGRAPH was open, and boy was it busy!  At first, I was asked to assist with registration, but since the registration area was so crowded, they decided to make a remote registration area for pre-registered users where they could get their badges quick and easy.  We were crowded for about 4 hours and helped countless people.  Immediately afterwards, I got to help out in the studio, where I was assigned to work with the Epson print station.  They had a table with computers on it where users could bring files they could print out on a variety of papers on several different printers, including large format printers that could handle canvas.  Ah... Just like the old days at National Geographic when I would often print on HP and Epson large format printers, using high quality papers and canvases.  Of course I was right at home, and loved that anyone can come up and print anything they want for free!!  I am totally taking advantage of this tomorrow, if I can get a hold of one of my larger files.
After that, I explored the exhibitors hall.  WOW is there a lot to do and look at.  I can't even go into it all, but I was very impressed with everything in the hall, and enjoyed talking to a lot of the exhibitors.  And of course there is the job fair.
This was a great day today, and I can't wait for tomorrow.  SIGGRAPH is going by too fast, can't I slow time down?

I will leave you with this one image.  While I was in the Studio hall, I witnessed a remote controlled robot talking to an AI controlled robot... I was indeed a Kodak moment.

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